O&G is continually striving to expand its product and service offerings so that it can provide total solutions to the needs of its customers. Following is a summary of O&G's world-class portfolio:

POS Terminals

Verifone - Vx Solutions is Verifone's next generation payment solution family with product line extensions targeted at the high-end countertop and restaurant segments. The Vx 500 and 600 series provides extraordinary performance in sleek compact designs whilst incorporating the latest wireless technologies. (see more)

POS Processing

O&G has an in-house software application development division. The switching infrastructure so produced supports a wide range of pos terminals, other ISO 8583-compatible equipment and PC/kiosk based systems which find particular application in shopping malls and other retail outlets.

O&G Debit Cards

O&G debit cards can be used domestically and internationally and carry the trusted MasterCard Maestro and Cirrus brands. They can even be branded for O&G's corporate customers if required. The range of applications and the opportunity that this represents is immense.

The O&G Global-Card is a breakthrough in Card technology; it is able to be used securely and easily by customers whether or not they maintain an account with a bank or other financial institution. It can be used domestically and/or internationally and transactions are denominated in Australian currency. (
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O&G has the ability to "brand" debit cards for corporations, associations, or just about anyone who desires that the card reflect their corporate identity. Our co-brand card programs offer a variety of utility opportunities that carries your logo or brand, side by side with the trusted MasterCard Maestro/Cirrus brand. The branded card offers all the features and convenience of an O&G Global-Transfer Card which are summarized below.

Online Authorized (Electronic) Transactions

The O&G Global-Card only displays its account number and expiration date. The user's name is optional. It is able to be used at online capable transaction terminals (ATMs and POS with magnetic stripe readers) wherever this facility is available.

Instant Issuance

The O&G Global-Card can be instantly issued; there is no application process, no 100 points of identification, and no linked bank account required. This ease of issuance and use allows for a multitude of applications. For example, an employer can issue his employees with cards onsite, and then load the employees' net pay onto the card.

Global - Everyone in Most Countries Can Qualify

  • No bank account needed
  • The card is linked to a virtual account where the credits and debits are managed in real time and immediately reflected in the card balance
  • No banking history needed
  • No credit check
  • Everyone is approved
  • No Account Keeping Fee
  • No employment verification needed
  • Little Competition In A Huge Market
  • Full Card Association Compliance

The market potential for the O&G Global-Card is huge.

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Applications and Uses of the Card

The cards can be used at almost one million ATM's and 30 million merchant locations worldwide. Some of the applications are:

  • Expense Cards
  • Payroll Cards
  • Gift Cards
  • Fuel Cards
  • Global Transfer Cards etc.

Benefits:  "Convenience and Security"

The benefits that the O&G Global-Card can provide include:

  • Card holders can use it as if it were cash, or access cash from any bank or ATM, securely.
  • Payrolls and payments can be "Direct Payroll Deposited" or transferred to the cards. This saves the inconvenience and risk of dealing with cheques, especially for consumers who don't have bank accounts.
  • Security features such as personal identification numbers (PINs) and no offline imprinter (on embossed cards) transactions also protect against theft and fraud.
  • There are no interest charges that are normally associated with credit cards.
  • Funds Transfer - Consumers can easily and inexpensively transfer funds to friends and relatives anywhere; multiple cards can be purchased and sent to friends and relatives overseas. This is a huge leap forward from the traditional expensive and time consuming method of international funds transfer.
  • Bill Payment, In-store & On-line Purchases - it is a full-function debit card.
  • Very low setup costs, competitive transaction fees and charges.



The O&G "local" debit card is able to utilise the local banking infrastructure in its country of use, and are denominated in the local currency.

An example of a local debit card is the O&G Payroll Card. It is simple and secure and can be linked to a virtual account where the debits and credits are managed in real time and immediately reflected in the card balance.

The O&G Payroll Card can be used instead of a traditional bank account for payroll, commission and expense payments. Payment is simple and the employee doesn't even need a bank account nor any pre-qualifications.

The O&G Payroll Card saves time and money by:

  • Minimising the cosT and labour of counting and filling pay envelopes with cash
  • Eliminates errors, as corrections can be made using real time payment methodology.
  • Eliminates cheque fraud and cash counterfeiting.

The O&G  Payroll Card is a complete turn-key program which includes

  • card production and fulfilment
  • reporting
  • daily reconciliation
  • customer service.

It is designed to work with any core payroll system.


Other uses

The O&G local debit card has a multitude of applications. For example, it can be used by parents who have children at school or university to transfer allowances. Again, the advantages of carrying an O&G local debit card instead of cash cannot be underestimated. It is convenient, simple and far more secure than cash. 

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