Endometriosis ultrasound

Endometriosis Ultrasound

A pelvic ultrasound specifically looking for endometriosis is ideally performed with a transvaginal probe.  This means that a long thin probe is inserted vaginally and sits very close to your cervix, uterus and ovaries giving a very clear image. A full bladder is not required.

Endometriosis deposits can be very small. They are not seen on ultrasound until they reach about a centimetre in size. Your pelvis will be examined very carefully for any small nodules. In addition all of the usual assessments and measurements of your uterus and ovaries will be performed.

Cysts of endometriosis on your ovaries and adhesions, reducing the movement of you uterus, ovaries, bladder or rectum may all be signs pf significant endometriosis.

A thorough assessment requires some pushing with the vaginal probe which can be uncomfortable at the time of the examination or even stir up pain so that there is discomfort afterwards. This will be discussed with you and your consent will be obtained.

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