O&G is a comprehensive centre for women’s health care catering to women in all stages of life.  Our highly skilled and energetic team of eight obstetricians and gynaecologists have come together to provide the highest level of patient care. This is combined with a subspecialist ultrasound service, a pelvic floor physiotherapist, psychologist, dietician and highly experienced midwives all specialising in women’s health needs.

Our comprehensive list of services includes:

With a shared vision for evidence-based, patient-centred care, our team of specialists recognise that patients need more from their doctor than just technical excellence, and we strive to offer comprehensive and dignified care.


O&G are a team of specialists with complementary expertise in all aspects of obstetric and gynaecological health. We have worked together for some years at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, and came together with a shared vision to provide comprehensive, individualised care to each and every patient.

We love working together, and consult each other widely to optimise your health. We are committed to excellence in medicine, communication and service.

Care structure

Obstetric Group Practice

At O&G we believe that four Obstetricians are better than one! Our Obstetricians have already worked together for many years and share a vision for safely navigating women through the extraordinary experience of pregnancy and birth. The advantages of a group practice are that our combined experience and expertise can contribute to enhanced pregnancy care.

Our 24-hour on call roster ensures that your Obstetrician can focus on what you need during your birth rather than other activities. This ensures that our practice is focused around the needs of each family, and on achieving the safest possible birth for mother and baby.

Patients will book care through their primary Obstetrician, but will have opportunities during pregnancy to meet with the other Obstetricians so that they feel safe & supported during birth.

Women can be confident in the knowledge that their primary Obstetrician is supported by other specialists whose combined expertise can optimise conception, pregnancy & birth.

Information for Referring Doctors

At O&G we pride ourselves on offering an elite level, integrated women’s health service to your patients. If you have an emergency gynaecology presentation (suspected ectopic pregnancy, ovarian pathology, heavy bleeding), or feel your patient requires urgent review, please call the practice on 1300 604 377.

We would be delighted to accept your obstetric referrals at any gestational age. We offer group obstetric care, focusing our on-call day on intrapartum and emergency care so that each patient can have our utmost attention. If you have any questions regarding group obstetric practice we would be delighted to discuss them with you.

Ultrasound Referrals

We offer a sub-specialist level dedicated women’s ultrasound practice. We are happy to see a patient just for an ultrasound, for counselling surrounding high risk anomaly screening, or in combination with a consultation. If your patient needs an ultrasound, (obstetrics or pelvic) we can combine this with a consultation to minimise disruption to their schedule.

Please download and complete the Referral Form when requesting a procedure for a patient.

Form available here to download > O&G Ultrasound Referral Form

Multidisciplinary team

At O&G it is of fundamental importance to us that you have experts involved in every aspect of your health problem. We are committed to a holistic approach to your medical needs, and we are very proud of the expertise of our team who are dedicated to looking after women.

We offer visits with a range of allied health practitioners and the care of our fabulous midwives to ensure you get the most out of your visit to us.

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