O&G Precautions for COVID-19

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We’ve spent a long time at O&G trying to create a lovely, welcoming environment which is warm and feels like home. Although our work will remain as caring as ever, we have had to make a number of changes to how we see people to minimise the risk of COVID-19 to the families in our care.

The direct implication of COVID-19 in pregnancy appears to be low. However, the data is early and very limited.

In view of this uncertainty, some pregnancy services will be modified ahead to maximise safety.

At O&G we are following these safety measures:

Some pregnancy appointments with your O&G obstetrician and/or O&G midwife, will now be converted to phone consultations. Your individual pregnancy schedule will be reviewed and adjusted accordingly.

Some obstetric and gynaecology appointments will be converted to phone consultations. Your individual issues will be reviewed by your gynaecologist and you will be contacted if this is suitable for you.

If you have surgery scheduled in the coming weeks please be aware that at this stage only Cat 1 & urgent cat 2 will be proceeding, these are being triaged 2 weeks in advance.

This is an unprecedented time in healthcare and in our community. Thank you for your kind understanding with these changes.

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